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Bob Andrews: Guestbook

Jan Nace

January 30, 2010

Hey Bob ... I was going through my music and listened to your 1st album (disc) and remembered the bar in Upper Darby.
I'm living in Wyoming now and until 3 years ago I was playing bass with Bobby Chitwood. Now I have just graduated from nursing school and i own the Silver dollar bar in Cody with my ex. She runs it.
At any rate I would love to heasr from you.
Sincerely .... jan


September 19, 2009

Hi Bob!

Just wondering how the new Martin JC-16 worked out for you at your gig last night? I enjoyed listening to your clips, we'll have to get together some time for sure!

dale longstreth

September 15, 2009

I just foud your card which led me to your website which led me to the list on your music section which brought to mind all the pleasure I have had in listening to your music. Thank you - d

Aaron Fowler

September 9, 2009


It was great to find your website. It has been way to long. Would love to reconnect. I am back to full time music and touring. Would love to hear about what you are doing.



June 27, 2009


rebecca Hunt

May 3, 2009

Hi ,
Nice website ! Thanks for sharing your music today at EC ...your songwriting is amazing .!
Peace , ... Becky

Deny Rowand

October 15, 2008

So great to see you again after all these years and wonderful to know that you are still playing. Your songs are very well written and well performed.
Peace, Deny Rowand

Brenda Fallon

December 11, 2007

EGAD it's Bob Andrews! It's Brenda Formerly-Washburn-Now-Fallon dropping by to say howdy.

So.... howdy!

David Walsh

November 21, 2007

Great meeting you tonight at the Auction House, I listen to your CD on the drive home. Well done. After only one listen "Simon Was A Shipbuilder" is my favorate. Hope to see you play again.


David Walsh
Full Moon Express

Tom Basham

May 1, 2006

Always look forward to seeing and hearing you.